Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Radio Voices Session 12 7.19.7

Hola Listeners,

I appreciate everybody who called in, including the people having sex. That was neat. Make sure you call in during my show because the previous and following shows do not support the call in format. Mine, however, call all night long! I love to hear from you. It makes it seem more like a part of the real world thing when people call.

My guests for the evening were Corpus Callosum and somebody who was pretty good at breathing.

Corpus Callosum played a number of tracks from their old album and three new unpublished songs. Two of the tracks you can hear at their myspace page and one was a Radio Voices Exclusive! Yes!

I will keep you posted on the tenative upcoming show. You can hear more of their stuff and write the band at
or go to their horribly out dated website (I'm one to talk) at

When I wasn't hearing the world pant and breath or joking around with C.C., this is what I played:
Hail Columbia by some very official people, I am sure
One Hundred Punks by Generation X
02 Pumpkin by DJ Q-Bert
Falling to Pieces by Faith No More
Election Day by Arcadia
Tyler by The Toadies
Yin Yang and the Flower Pot Man by Love & Rockets
and Psycho Killer by The Talking Heads

You can hear this pod cast at by clicking on Radio Voices and then 7/19/2007
or hear it hear at:

Tune in this Thursday. I am going to have Bethany come in from Medouchea. She is going to solo on the Harp live on the air. Neat!


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