Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Radio Voices Session 13 7.26.7

Hola Listeners,

On my way to the studio I had to walk through a group of people taking turns binding up models while a bunch of other people took pictures. The models got naked and then beat and I could hear them crying out while I did my show. If this would have happened a few years ago, I would have probably would have freaked out a bit. Instead I just walked through, gently smiled (oddly enough, it was the same smile I give yuppies when I have to walk past them) and did my thing. Gotta love San Francisco.

For this session my special guest was Bethany of Medouchea. She was a guest with the band a few weeks ago and I felt she really deserved a chance to do her thing. So I asked her back a solo guest and she was kind enough to agree.

We lugged this massive old school real harp up and down like a zillion stairs and got things set up and then realized we left the tuner at its point of origin. So I played a bit of music that I have always wanted to hear on the radio while Bethany went to get her tuner.

Here is what I played:

Hail Columbia by The Radio Voices house band
Diablo Rojo by Rodrigo y Gabriela
Ready, Steady, Go by Generation X
The radio still sucks by The Ataris
Defcon by SuperSystem
Old Mand River by Count Basie
Photosynthesis by The Hot Toddies
Surfing on a Rocket by Air
Ketchup Song by Teen Idols
The Teams that meet in Caffs by Dexy's Midnight Runners
I will always love You by Dolly Parton
Caravan by Duke Ellington with Max Roach and Charles Mingus
Happiest Days of Our Lives by My Favorite

Bethany was kind enough to play 5 songs live on the air. You can email her to discuss her upcoming album on the 'space at:

You can hear the pod cast at:

You can also hear this at www.piratecatradio.com

Tune in Thursday. My scheduled guests are Sanjeev of The Worship of Silence and BLEEV, the MC of BLEEV Music. I will do some drumming while BLEEV spits hot fire live on the air. I might even tell a story or two. Yes!


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