Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Radio Voices Session 14 8.2.7

Hola Listeners,

Hope you are doing great. This last show was fun. Perhaps I pre-partied a bit too hard for an on air appearance (thanks, RoBro). Either way, I was on the air, 20,000 miles above, crusing speed.

There was a mix up with bLeev. He didn't make it this time, but he will be back. I saw him Sunday and made up for lost time. You may witness this event at

I told a couple of stories. The first was "Quality Observation". The second was "Night of The Living Drag Queens". You can read Quality Observation at NoTLDQ has only been told as oral history. Enjoy!

I played a fair amount of music. Some of the songs you heard were:

Hail Columbia by The Radio Voices Playas
I Burn by The Toadies (by request, no less)
Do You Love Me Still by The Breeders
I would hurt a fly by Built to Spill
Let's make it special by Dexy's Midnight Runners
I will always love you by Dolly Parton
Which way to your America? by Living Colour
Our Day will Come by Ruby and The Romantics

My guest for the evening was Sanjeev of The Worship of Silence. We played a number of songs from their latest album. You can find out more about The Worship of Silence at and at

You may hear the podcast of this session at

Tune in this Thursday to hear me with the band Sassy and Quinn of The Brown Bums.

Snikt Snikt,


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