Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Radio Voices Session 15 8.9.7

Hola Listeners,

This last show was a blast. I had a few redneck specials with RoBro before the show (shot n' a brew) which sort of set the tone for this one. Hope I didnd't stumble over my words too much for you.

My guests for this session were Quinn DeVeaux of the blues band "The Brown Bums" and Kitty Delicious and Pixie Largewood of the pop/punk band "Sassy".

The "me-too" music I played was:
Hail Columbia by The Radio Voices All-Stars
Mutiny in Heaven by The Birthday Party
Panic in Detroit by David Bowie
Tame by The Pixies
Here I come by The Roots
Too Late by Wire

Quinn performed a number of originals on the air and we did a mini chronology of The Brown Bums. You can learn more about The Brown Bums by going to their website at http://www.thebrownbums.com/
They are performing a final bay area show this Wednesday at Cato's Ale House in Piedmont this Wednesday from 6-9pm for FREE!

We listened to the entire Sassy demo. They are working on their new album and are coming up strong with shows all over the place coming up. They have a show with The Donna's on 9/15 in Long Beach and a show with The White Barrons this Thursday at Thee Parkside. They are awesome ladies. You can find out more about Sassy by going to their 'space page at http://www.myspace.com/sassytheband (Little fun fact about this show, when Sassy's demo was playing on the air, we had an impromtu dance party in the studio. It was divine!)

I inducted three new members into Chester Carlson's Army and the three of them improvised while I told the story "Camping". You can read that story at www.altgeek.net/voices

You can hear the pod cast at http://www.nerdnetworks.org/pcr/RadioVoices-20070809.mp3

Tune in this Thursday for my solo debut! I am excited and nervous and will do my best.


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