Thursday, August 23, 2007

Radio Voices Session 16 8.16.7

Hola Listeners,

I hope you had a great week. I had been doing some thinking and I am really happy and honored to have such creative and wonderful people on my show as guests but I realized that in some ways I am using others as a crutch. Like I am afraid to present myself by myself. This radio show is a great opportunity for me (Gracias, Monkey) and I need to treat it like the opportunity that it is. I need to express my creativity without the assistance of anyone and treat my show like it is MY show.

So I decided to accept the challenge/opportunity that is offered to me, that I worked hard to get and go solo with my work with nothing but my stories, a microphone and the world as my audience.

This session, Session 16 is the first of what will take place once a month where I will have only myself to stand up, grab the mic and belt it out like I'll never have the opportunity again.

I told the story of how I formed A Multitude of Voices and what the inspiration behind everything is. I played some music that I composed. I told a story about hanging out with a striper in Florida.

It was awesome! (For me, at least).

I told the story of planting trees and what it inspired me to do but I think most of that story got cut off as I heavily bled into KRobs show time.

You can read the stories at (thanks Fredo for hosting these). The copies of my album of my music are sold out but if you really enjoyed it, email me and I'll send you MP3s.

You can hear the podcast of this show by going to or by going to

My guest tonight is KC Jiang, harmonicist extrodinaire and my next solo show will be September 13th. I'll play the remaining part of my CD and tell more stories.

Hear you soon,


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