Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Radio Voices Session 17 8.23.7

Hola Listeners,

For session 17 I was honored to feature Jiang Kou Chen, otherwise known as KC Jiang. KC has had more time practicing than I have had breathing. His is a unique story and I am proud to have him as a guest of Radio Voices.

KC was born in China. His family was rather poor and one day his mother found a harmonica while travelling to the city. His older brother played it briefly and when he grew tired of the instrument, he gave it to KC. KC played the harmonica as much as he could. His father was part of Chiang Kai-shek's military and his father, mother and himself moved to Taiwan in 1949 after Chiang defeat by Mao. They were forced to leave KC's brother in Mainland China. Years later KC moved to America where he was once again able to resume communication with his brother. In 1987 KC was able to reunite with his brother. At this time, his father had passed away.

Since KC was 5 he has played a musical instrument of one form or another. He has learned the traditional music of China, Taiwan, America and even Ireland. He is adapt at a number of instruments but prefers the harmonica and more recently, the Irish whistle. You can learn more about KC by going to his website at

I would like to thank KC for performing so many songs live on the air. He performed traditional Chinese, American and Irish songs as well as a number of originals that KC wrote himself.

When KC wasn't performing the "me too" music I played was:
"Hail Columbia" by the Radio Voices All-Star Ensemble
"Scratch Your Name" by The Noisettes
"Anti Music Song" by The Mountain Goats
"Here I Come" by The Roots
"Microphone" by Edie Sedgewick
"True Nature" by Janes Addiction
"Don't Le Me Down" by Twisted Sister
"Servititude" by Fishbone
"Pluto" by Bjork
"The Radio Still Sucks" by The Ataris

The story I told was Bush Diving which was previously printed in A Multitude of Voices Volume XV and is also available currently on my myspace blog with illustrations by Matt Elton.

You can hear the podcast of this session by going online to and clicking on schedule and then clicking on the Radio Voices link (under Thursday) or by going to

Tune in tomorrow to hear my guests ArnoCorps!

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