Friday, September 7, 2007

Radio Voices Session 18 8.30.7

Hola Listeners,

For Session 18 it was great to have the world's greatest band of all time ArnoCorps! Those guys a bunch of ballsy God damn heroes! This is a band dedicated to their music and ideas. It was a blast hanging out and drinking some vodka out of the bottle.

The "Me Too" music I played for this show was:

Hail Columbia by The Radio Voices Ensemble
California Uber Alles by The Dead Kennedy's
Too Young to Die by Agent Orange
Ready to Die by Andrew W.K.
I never wrote lyrics by Ten Times Fast
Warsaw by Joy Division
Linoleum by NOFX

Four of the six member of ArnoCorps were in the studio. It was Holtz's birthday and during some of the music we exited the studio to enjoy some delicious birthday cake with the Holtzters image done in frosting on the cake. We played a number of tracks from the bands CD "The Greatest Band of All Time".

You can learn more about ArnoCorps at
or check out their myspace page at

The story I told was "Fire Fighting" which was originally published in A Multitude of Voices XIII (Exactly). It is also available at

You can hear the podcast of this show by going to
or by going to

Only listen to it if you are ready to be dominated by the combined forces of ArnoCorps and Radio Voices!

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