Thursday, September 13, 2007

Radio Voices Session 20 9.6.7

Hola Listeners,

For Session 20 I was thrilled to have The Cock-T's as my guests. Lil' Biscuit, Cherry Pop, Dizzy Disaster and EZ Martini just brought it!

The ladies were hilarious and their cheers were fun! I had a blast hanging with the naughty cheerleaders!

You can learn more about the Cock-T's by going to or by checking out their profile on the 'space at

Make sure you attend Homecoming at Annie's Social Club on November 9th.

The story I told this session was "69-Quality Observation" which originally appeared in the publication "Bog Gob" and can be found at

The "Me Too" music I played this session was:

Running out of time by Public Enemy
Naturally High by Gabby Glaser
Total Recall by ArnoCorps
Olive Me by NOFX
A Cry for help in a world gone mad by Agent Orange
I want you to be my baby by Louis Jordon
Coming Home by Mel Torme
I ran (so far away) by Flock of Seagulls
Dirt off your shoulder by Jay-Z
Welcome to the House of Fun by Madness
The Jump Off by Lil' Kim

You can hear the podcast for this show by going to
or go directly to the source at

Tune in to my show tonight as I rock the mic solo! A man and his stories with a mic and a transmission tower!


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