Thursday, March 13, 2008

Radio Voices Session 41 2.28.8

Hola Listeners,

I took a little hiatus while the radio station relocated. We now have a public space where you could walk in and watch me make my radio show. Send me an message and I will send you the address.

The new station is back on the air and looks better than ever. There is neat paint and comic books and a piano. Yeah, a freaking piano! I know, so weird.

So this session was a fun and great way to return. I had Killian of The Gun and Doll Show in the studio and also I played an interview with Thor that I recorded earlier in the week.

Both guests and their bands were involved in The Night of Voices that took place at Slim's last Saturday.

You can find out more about The Gun & Doll Show at

You can find out more about Thor at

You can hear the podcast of this session by going to , clicking on Schedule, and going to my section at Radio Voices on Thursday nights (It works best if you right click the show you want to hear and 'save target as' )or you can hear it by going to

Hear you soon,


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