Thursday, March 13, 2008

Radio Voices Session 42 3.6.8

Hola Listeners,

For Radio Voices Session 42 my guests were Holzfeuer and Toten Adler of ArnoCorps, Count Dante of the Black Dragon Fighting Society, and Blood Muffin and Femme Fatality of Helles du Jour! It was a party!

We played music from all three bands as well as music from Thor, Stone Vengenace and The Gun & Doll Show, all of whom performed at the Night of Voices at Slim's March 8th.

You can find out more about ArnoCorps at and

You can find out more about Count Dante at and

You can find out more about Helles du Jour at

You can hear the podcast of this session by going to , clicking on Schedule, and going to my section at Radio Voices on Thursday nights (It works best if you right click the show you want to hear and 'save target as' )or you can hear it by going to

Tonight my guests are Excuses for Skipping!

Hear you soon,


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