Monday, May 7, 2007

Radio Voices Session 1 5.3.7

Hola Listeners,

Thanks for tuning into my debut! This session featured live performances Fauna Valetta and The Sweet Nothings as well as stories by myself and a performance by Chester Carlson's Army.
I appreciate TSN and FV for showing up with both barrells blazing.

The interlude music came from The Go! Team.

Tune in May 10th for the next session with The Most, KC Jiang and an interview with Cop Watch!

To hear the recorded tracks of Fauna Valetta that were played on the show, go to

To hear more of The Sweet Nothings, go to

The stories I told on the air were "34-Camping", "64-Facing Fear", and "59-Skateboarding".

If you have a request for a favorite story, email me and I'll tell it on the air.

Hear you on Thursday,


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