Friday, May 18, 2007

Radio Voices Session 4 5.17.7

Hola Listeners,

Last night on Radio Voices my guests were Jim Channon and Barbara McNabb of the ACLU, musician Warren Dietzel of River of Rust and Throkmorton, and political activists, musicians and pranksters Laramie Crocker and Wendi Olsen.

Warren, Laramie and Wendi all performed live on the air. The three of them were all inducted into Chester Carlson's Army and backed me up on my story "Fiero GT" (previously printed in Not My Small Diary).

Inbetween interviews and performances I played:
Tentacle by the invisible cities
South by Grooveberry Jam
Beach Baby by The Surf Swirlies
Ariso -written by Bach, performed by Joy Crocker

You can hear the pod cast of this show at

Want to learn more about what was on the show?

ACLU-Northern California Branch:

River of Rust:

Laramie Crocker:
Laramie & Wendi's Prank Page:

Joy Crocker:

Tune in next week to hear singer/songwriter Marisa Haskell, the band Fauna Valetta and maybe a surprise guest interview.

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