Friday, May 11, 2007

Radio Voices Session 2 5.10.7

Hola Listeners,

Last night on Radio Voices my guests were The Most, Jake Gelinder of Cop Watch, True D and The First Man. Members of The Most and The Sweet Nothings were my back up for Chester Carlson's Army. Oh yeah, and I was inducted into the Mach 10 version of The Most and played drums backing them up on two of their songs.

The songs I played inbetween the intereview and the performances were:

Ghost Train by Water
Serbian Tune by The Fishtank
Beach Baby by Surf Swirlies
Hymnal by Corpus Callosum
Warmonger by Laramie Crocker
and Embrace the Spring Wind & Jasmine Flowers by KC Jiang

all of these tracks are on A Multitude of Voices Volume XIV

To hear any of these songs again, email me for the bands contact info and I can send you MP3's of the music as well.

You can learn more about The Most at

You can learn more about Cop Watch at

You can learn more about The Sweet Nothings at

The story I told last night was "12-Snowboarding" . You can read it at

Tune in next Thursday. My musical guests will be River of Rust and Laramie Crocker and I will be interviewing the ACLU.

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