Thursday, January 3, 2008

Radio Voices Session 33 12.13.7

Hola Listeners,

For Session 33 of Radio Voices, my guests were Foxtail Sommersault. They were a ton of fun! It was great to hang out with them. They were also there to represent Vibraphone Records.

We joked around and played a number of songs from their EP as well as a number of artists from Vibraphone Records.

The Me Too music this session was:
30 Seconds to the End of the World by Pennywise
867-5309 by Tommy Two-Tone
In Your Room by The Bengals
It's a Fire by Portishead
Going to Port Washington by The Mountain Goats
Do Do Do by The Rolling Stones
I'm an old Cow Hand from the Rio Grande by The Sons of the Pioneers
I come from the Water by The Toadies
You Don't Know Shit by Youth Brigade
Practise makes Perfect by Wire
What goes on by The Velvet Underground
Bare by The Cure
What Difference does It Make by The Smiths
Get It Together by The Go! Team
Down by the Water by P.J. Harvey
In a Big Country by Big Country
I want you to be my Baby by Louise Jordan
Hot! Hot! Hot! by The Cure

You can find out more information about Foxtail Somersault at
and you can find out more information about Vibraphone Records at

You can hear the podcast of this session by going to , clicking on Schedule, and going to my section at Radio Voices on Thursday nights or you can hear it by going to

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