Thursday, January 17, 2008

Radio Voices Session 36 1.10.8

Hola Listeners,

For Session 36 my guests were Tawdry of The B-Cups and returning to Radio Voices were the lovely ladies of Sassy.

Sassy performed last weekend with The B-Cups and the legendary punk band The Dickies!

For this session I let Trixie Delicious take control as we played massive amounts of music from Sassy, The B-Cups, The Dickies and The Midnight Bombers!

You can hear more of Sassy at
and The B-Cups at

You can hear the podcast of this session by going to , clicking on Schedule, and going to my section at Radio Voices on Thursday nights (It works best if you right click the show you want to hear and 'save target as' )or you can hear it by going to

Tonight my guest is Kem “Kanikapila” Loong of The Royal Hawaiian Ukulele Band!

Hear you soon,


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Hosted by Mike said...

Nice dude - Stan Lee from the Dickies called in to my show that week to promo the RDL show.

check it out: