Thursday, January 31, 2008

Radio Voices Session 38 1.24.8

Hola Listeners,

For Radio Voices Session 38 my guest was DJ Q-Bert. Q-Bert is a turntablist extrodinaire. He has been a member of FM20, Rock Steady Crew, and Invisibl Skratch Piklz. He is also the 3 time DMC World Champion.

To honor such a distinguished guest, Session 38 was dedicated to the music of Q-Bert. I played tracks from Demolition Pumpkin Squeeze Musik and Wave Twisters as well as some live tracks I recorded Ninja Stylio!

I interviewed Q-Bert and the interviewed QFO (Q-Bert's Turntable).

You can find out more information about Q-Bert at or .

You can hear the podcast of this session by going to , clicking on Schedule, and going to my section at Radio Voices on Thursday nights (It works best if you right click the show you want to hear and 'save target as' )or you can hear it by going to

Tonight my guests are Alphabet, Corpus Callosum and bLEEv!

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